10 October 2007

Low productivity, but only with knitting.

I've been hugely busy recently with actual work and thinking and strategizing about work related stuff. Thankfully, I really feel like I was able to hit the ground running and spend my first couple of weeks 100% dedicated to getting up and running on everything as soon as possible. It definitely made a big difference at my ability to perform at a high level at work.

The enjoyment that I'm getting out of work and focus that is necessary to continue operating at a high level has really been cutting into my cooking and knitting time. To be honest though, I haven't missed cooking nearly as much as I should have. Normally, I get such joy from cooking and sharing my creations. But even though I love them, it's hard living with my friends. I have so much cooking equipment that I don't feel that I can schlep it into their kitchen, and therefore, I find cooking more difficult not having my own stuff at the house to use. I guess if that's the only thing hard about living here, it's not that big of a problem.

As for knitting, my hand and wrist have really been bothering me lately. I think I probably have tendinitis from the treacherous combination of knitting frequently (especially double knitting which requires an odd combination of tension on two yarns), and my keyboard/mouse setup at work. I have a bit of a knot in one of the tendons on the back of my hand, and from my wrist joint to mid-forearm is consistently achy. It's really a pretty difficult row to hoe if you're really hoping to make some progress on your knitting.

I'll be spending some time this evening looking for a primary care physician - the first stop on my road to fixing my aches.

In the meantime though, I have been cooking. I made a tasty little dinner for myself - broccoli Swiss quiche, a baked sweet potato and asparagus - served with a pumpkin beer! Delectable! And the food was good too. ;) And clearly, as you can see from the stack o'books above, I've got my hands full for the evening.

In other news, my car turned over to 133,000 miles last week. She's such a nice little blue Honda. When I got her, she had a mere 79,000 miles. ::sigh:: How far we've come together! We've lived in 3 states and on non-state. Yay Tiny Blue Civic!

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