27 October 2007

Panic and stilted progress

It's been an exciting couple of days up in DC. I spent 3 days meeting with Duke Law alums and getting to show off my (often skewed) sense of direction in the DC area. I've been enjoying staying in my old digs with the redhead and our two (very bad and frequently fighting) kitties.

I was sad to find out that the redhead's remaining roommate is bailing, which is leaving us both in quite the panic with only a month notice. Staying in the house alone is not an option, and moving over the holidays isn't a great option either. Rather than relaxing and enjoying each other's company, we've been traipsing all over this great metropolitan area in search of other options. More unwanted stress. Great.

The rugby team is tearing it up down in Austin, TX for Rugby round of 16s this weekend. I know they're doing an awesome job. I can't wait to hear back from them about the weekend. It's been a hard transition for me to not be playing rugby...I'm just not sure I'd feel right about playing for another team yet...perhaps next spring I'll feel differently.

As for the knitting, because I've been traveling all about the DC area and not able to carry too much with me, I've been mostly working on a smaller project. Today, with renewed fervor, I am attacking the damn Hoover baby blanket. I hope to have a good progress picture to show by Monday.

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