22 October 2007


The weekend went not quite as expected. My flight into Hyannis (which everyone at the Durham airport insisted on referring to as High-anus) was canceled due to some raging storms. Instead of going from Durham to La Guardia to Hyannis, I was rerouted to go through DC to Providence.

Might I just say, that my plane ticket to Hyannis was a one-way to the tune of around $400. So, rerouting my trip to a much less expensive trip and just swallowing the cost made me a little queasy. I will say this - I'd rather be stuck in DC over night due to weather than stuck in frickin' La Guardia.

I did get into Providence just fine. I hate US Scareways though - the flight was so turbulent, that me - the girl with the inner ear of steel - was on the verge of booting. Seriously. Not exaggerating.

Carolyn had flown into Providence several hours before me, drove out to Cape Cod for dinner and then back to get me, and then back out to the Cape again. Good times. For each of those trips between the airport and our final destination, there were torrential downpours and strong winds that blew our tiny, marshmallow, dog-smelling rented PT Cruiser all over the highway.

We did arrive safely in Cape Cod...at 3am.

It was a long weekend full of long periods of knitting in airports, motion sickness, amazingly bright flowers, amazing food, panoramic fall foliage and tangoing brides and grooms. Below are a few pictures, but here's a link to the whole set.


bruiser said...

i love the photo of the flowers...

mish said...

im sad the weather delayed your travels but i am glad it rained. we desperately need rain - i wish it would have come down here some! who's wedding was it anyway? friends from college?