16 November 2007

Everyone is an effing Napoleon.

This week the weather has been warm and cold, dry and wet, blustery and still. When I wake up in the mornings, I no longer have any idea what the day will look like. I thought I'd remembered that the last time we were in a drought, the leaves hardly changed colors. This year, it's been amazing. Despite the amazing colors, it's been the kind of week where I crave soups and tea and warm sweaters.

This week, I've felt productive. There's been some working out, some flossing, and some knitting at a GREAT concert. I've run to the end of my first skein of yarn with my Green Gable, and will be attaching skein 2 this afternoon. I've made enough gas-inducing chili to bloat and possibly kill all of my friends. I've made a Winter Frittata (sans bacon), a caramelized onion quiche (my second in two weeks), and I'm psyched for some guacamole and zucchini fritters for dinner tonight. This afternoon, our office will be taking a field trip to a coworkers house for a Thanksgiving-style potluck. I'm hoping for some veggie options other than the many bottles of wine that are being carted over...

Some knitting pics. The one of me was taking at the Ani DiFranco concert, which was amazing. Two thirds of the songs she played were old ones. Although not from the Durham show, here's a taste of what we sampled:

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bruiser said...

i'm jealous you got to see ani.