22 November 2007

Happy Un-Turkey Day!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving.

I am up in NYC with the redhead, a friend and the redhead's family. It's been strangely warm and nice outside. We've done some eating, wandering about and some parade watching. Here's a parade balloon pikkie from last night when it was tethered on West 77th street. We got to see some balloons up close and personal. It was very, very cool. (That is a giant pumpkin behind me.) Today we got to watch the parade beginning from the redhead's parents' apartment. There's nothing like seeing Scooby Doo's eyeballs from above! For more pictures, Click Here.

In addition, you're not going to believe this - I've been knitting. We took the train up yesterday which gave ample time to knit and watch a couple movies. I'm about 1/2 way done binding off Fifi. So, for all of you doubting Thomas types, I did it! My mother was even a bit doubtful that I would do it. Here's a terrible pikkie of it from yesterday before I dove into the 2nd sleeve finishing.

To all of you doubting Thomases - Booyah Bitches.

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Trav said...

Did you notice the creepy old guy wondering what the hell you are doing in the background of the bottom picture.