04 November 2007

Hoover Baby Blanket

Size: 27" x 28" (Version 3)
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Colorspun Worsted
Yarn Color(s): Raspberry Twist and Baby Girl Twist
Needles: Addi Turbo US #8
Started: 9/2/07
Finished: 11/2/07


nenny said...

Beautiful! I'm actually surprised at the size - when you started it I thought it looked a bit small, but it turned out much bigger than I'd expected. Nice job - I might have to give that one a try. :)

eje said...

I might have to give it a try, too... oh, wait, I don't know how to knit. Or what the heck Addi Turbo #8 means.

I just hope it's washable. It's sure to be puked on a time or two!