12 November 2007

The weekend recap.

I had a lovely weekend visiting with the redhead, my dad and his wife. It was a long ride up after work on Friday, and a long ride back on Sunday, but I am glad that I made the trip. Not only did we have amazing tasty veggie chili, but we got to go on a nice long hike on Sunday. And in addition to that, I got some substantial knitting done.

Below are a few pictures from the weekend.

Some progress on my not-so-Green Gable. It's a little tighter at the neck than I'd wanted...but we'll see what she looks like once there's a bit more body to her:

Duffy, the Boston Terrier:

National Geodetic Survey Benchmark found during our hike - the redhead knew all about benchmarks:

Sadly, I have left Fifi gathering dust while Green Gable and I traipse all over the state of Virginia. Someday I will resurrect her to finish her - I swear!

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