09 November 2007

A year of UFOs, stash-busting and new projects.

Thus far this year, I have finished 2 UFOs. That's a major accomplishment for me. I've been known to simple lump all of my UFOs together under my bed and ignore them for up to 4 years at a time. I am making progress.

In addition to those 2 UFOs, I am working on finishing a UFO baby poncho that I didn't even remember existed. I don't think I had a pattern, but I do think it's not quite big enough and I am definitely out of yarn. I'm adding a little extra yarn to lengthen it, but we'll see how it actually turns out.

There are also 3 UFOs that are at the forefront of my mind - the cabled sweater, the rainbow socks (i HATE knitting socks) and the knit tank. They were all started so, so long ago and my interest in all of them has definitely waned. Despite this, I am going to try and pepper my newer projects with these old cast-aside pieces.

I have been trying to work through my stash some. I've done a few hats from my stash, and I'm hoping to crank out a few more before Christmas. I have several nice half skeins, which should be just enough to create something. My stash used to be just random yarn, but it's been honed and developed into a mostly project-centric stash. There's an Hourglass Sweater, a Peapod knit baby set, a Central Park hoodie and another Rusted Root begging to be knit. This is why the UFOs have been scorned. They were turned away in favor of cuter, newer, prettier things.

And of course, to bring it full circle: speaking of newer, prettier things. I've started a Rusted Root and a Baby Surprise Jacket. Neither are moving particularly quickly, but I look forward to seeing some progress soon. I'm hoping to have a little down time while visiting my dad and his wife this weekend. If I have enough time to create something substantial, I may even come back with a picture!

And as for the list - progress is being made. I have flossed everyday, and I've been working on my posture each day at work. :)

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mish said...

flossing everyday is CRUCIAL and i am glad it is a goal of yours!!!

also, did you invent these acronyms yourself?