14 December 2007

Bakety Baking!

Last night, I exhausted myself baking a loaf of banana bread (2nd loaf in a week) and a loaf of zucchini bread. Things were complicated by a lack of cinnamon in the house, but I think I coped with the problem. However, the proof of the eating is in the pudding - so we shall see when my friends try the breads this weekend.

{photos to come}

Additionally, I also spent a good amount of time ironing 15 button downs, 5 pairs of pants and 2 skirts. It took an extraordinary amount of time. I did make good use of the time by watching The Departed and Two Weeks Notice. The Departed may be my new favorite movie....and I am officially obsessed with Matt Damon.

{photo stolen borrowed from Photobucket. my iron is much nicer than this one.}

1 comment:

eje said...

I think your blog needs way more pictures of appliances. Keep up the good work! And send me some banana bread!!