30 December 2007

Banjos and Christmas

Despite having a terrible cold over Christmas, I had lovely visits with my parents. I've had some knitting and baking fun! I got a sweet new coat from my mom, and a subscription Interweave Knits! Yes! And I got some great new bike equipment from my dad - and I can't wait to install it. I also got a Target gift card from my aunt, and I'm already plotting ways to spend it.

I did have the pleasure of having my father wake me up by playing the banjo.

Here's a little zucchini bread that I whipped up for the parental units. I use the same recipe every time, and I highly recommend it.

I also made some good headway on my Baby Surprise Jacket! It's not a difficult pattern, but I definitely think it is confusingly written. I am not a huge fan of my color scheme, my it's what I've got to work with. The picture is of the wrong side of the garment...and no, I can't really visualize how it's going to eventually look.

I also started working on a new project - an adorable jester-like hat. I like the pattern a lot and I'm anxious to finish it! I think I'm nearly halfway done. I love working with Lamb's Pride - and I think this color is delectable.

I'm finally getting to make some headway on my projects - it really does help that I have spent the day watching Law & Order and knitting. Thank goodness that my roommates also love Law & Order.

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IrishgirlieKnits said...

Have to love the Law and Order Marathons! Happy New Year!!