21 December 2007

Safe and Sound

Surprisingly, our office closed early today, allowing me to head home early. I started my 5 hour trek to the DC area and was pleasantly surprised to hit minimal traffic. The redhead and I exchanged gifties, and I got lots of stuff including a new game for the Wii and Monsters, Inc! :)

We're hoping to settle down for an evening of He-Man, knitting and early bed. I *think* that I am about 50% of the way through my BSJ, but I can't really tell...since it has no shape.

Tomorrow, we're both heading north, but I definitely have the better end of the deal. I'll be going to Baltimore (45 minutes) and she will be heading to Connecticut (6 hours). I am going to hang out with my mom in Baltimore, doing as little as humanly possible. I am planning on making my way through several Pixar films, and knitting quite a bit. I've packed some good knitting projects in my bag of tricks.

Monday will be action packed and I'll be making appearances in Baltimore, Hyattsville, NOVA and Harrisonburg. That's an action packed day. I'm going to get to play with my bad cat Luther, and visit with my friend Amy's new baby, Kara! I can't wait to meet her. I heart babies! And I just know that Amy and her DH will be wonderful parents.

For the actual Christmastime celebration, I will be visiting with my dad and his wife...and their many friends. I'll be there until Wednesday when I head back to NC.

I have a trunk full of presents, a bunch of alcohol and lots and lots of yarn for some current projects and a couple new ones!

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