12 December 2007

The UFO Run-down

UFOs* by Percent Finished:

  1. 90% - Knit Tank

The lowdown: I started this tank in 2004, and worked on it tirelessly on a summer trip to France. I got nearly done with it…and nearly done with the yarn that I had. Upon my return home, I spent about a month searching for only 1 skein needed to finish the project! With that skein in hand, I then proceeded to move to a different state, and stuck the project in a storage bin under my bed. It wasn’t until this summer that I even remembered about this project.

Needed to finish: I’ll need to dig it out, block it, put it together, and then knit a neckline on it.

  1. 80% - Baby Poncho

The lowdown: I am not sure when this project was started. I had a little less than a skein of yarn, in a nice color for a baby poncho. The poncho is two knit rectangles. Sadly, I ran out of my yarn. I have started knitting onto the end of one of the rectangles with a different complimentary yarn. Sadly, I’ve started knitting with the wrong size needle.

Needed to finish: I’ll need to decide if I can keep the complimentary yarn knitted with the current needle size, or if I should frog that portion and reknit with the correct size needle. Once that decision is made, I’ll need to finish knitting, block it and assemble it. I may need to do some finishing around the edges.

  1. 60% - Green Gable

The lowdown: I started this project relatively recently, and was going gangbusters with it. I had tried it on at intervals and it was looking a little big, but mostly good. While on a trip and knitting at a show, I completely forgot that after a couple inches below the armpit I was supposed to decrease to give the garment shape. I’m several inches past that shape and haven’t had the desire to figure out what needs to be done.

Needed to finish: I will need to either retrieve my tapestry needle from my friends’ parents’ house, or buy a new one. I need to then try on the garment to see if it fits me or if it would fit another person. I’ll need to decide if I can continue knitting as is or if I need to frog back to the point where I should have decreased. Once finished knitting, I will need to block it.

  1. 55% - Plain Vanilla Aran

The lowdown: I started this project in 2005, inspired by a friend’s finished aran sweater. It was my first attempt at knitting an adult sized sweater. I have gone gang busters knitting it, but only in spurts. It’s beautiful and looks well knit, but it lives at the redhead’s house so that I have something to work on if I ever forget my knitting at home when I go to visit.

Needed to finish: I will need to finish knitting half of one side and the sleeves. It will need to be blocked and assembled.

  1. 45% - Rainbow Socks

The lowdown: I worked on this project at the same time I was working on the knit tank. It’s a standard top-down sock – starting at the top, ending at the toe. At that point in time, knitting wasn’t allowed on flights originating in Europe. Using bamboo needles, I kept it in my pocket as I passed through the metal detector and didn’t start working on it until we were well on our way to the US. After such rebellious dedication, one might think that I would want that project finished as a testament to my love of knitting. Sadly, that is not the case. I discovered about 3% of the way into the project that I HATE KNITTING SOCKS! As yet, I have not found another knitter who hates knitting socks.

Needed to finish: I’ll need to dig up the pattern, which I’m not sure I have. Then I’ll need to finish knitting the toe of first sock…and the entire second sock… Then I’ll need to purchase sock blockers and block them.

  1. 5% - Baby Surprise Jacket


The lowdown: As part of my 101 things in 1001 days, which is really only 91 things, I wanted to work on an Elizabeth Zimmerman project. I started this, and it seems quite simple and pleasant. I haven’t had time to work on it recently. Since the inception of my Netflix account(friend me if you’d like – I’m always looking for movie suggestions, etc.), I haven’t had much time to knit. Additionally, I’ve been traveling a lot for work, and I may have misplaced the pattern.

Needed to finish: I’ll need to dig up the pattern, which is around somewhere, as well as the BSJ Notes. I need to finish knitting, do some minor assembly and then block. Theoretically, I’ll be done by the birth of yet another impending baby!

UFOs* by Likelihood of Becoming an FO**:

  1. Baby Surprise Jacket
  2. Green Gable
  3. Baby Poncho
  4. Plain Vanilla Aran
  5. Knit Tank
  6. Rainbow Socks

* UFOs are Unfinished Objects which require more knitting, assembly, etc.
**FOs are Finished Objects which have been completely knitted and are ready to be worn.

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