14 January 2008

2007 Recap of Items

  1. Fifi
  2. Hoover Baby Blanket
  3. Baby Cardigan
  4. Chunky Scarf
  5. Rusted Root
  6. Nautilus Hat
  7. Karen's Scarf
  8. Swell - Furies Hat
  9. JJ's Scarf
  10. Blue Baby Booties
  11. Pastel Baby Booties
  12. Green Cabled Hat for redhead
  13. Furies Scarf
  14. Yellow Baby Hat

For 2008, I am hoping to finish at LEAST 15 items, but hopefully many more.

I've already got one under my belt, and I'm hoping for two more by weeks end.

At somepoint in time, I'll figure out how do make a cool flickr montage of amazing FOs, but until then, please suffer quietly through my numbered list.

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