15 January 2008

Busy girl

As usual, I have been all over the place recently. I was up in Baltimore and DC two weekends ago. I got to enjoy the company of some good friends, eat some good food, and of course, play with the Wii. I also got to hang with my mom, play some scrabble and hang out with Maizey, one of my favorite dogs ever! Also, mom gets props for having gotten me one of my favorite delicious treats:

Last weekend, I was up in DC again to cheer the redhead on in hockey. We celebrated a late Christmas with some friends (one gifty came from here: dejarnette, check it out!).

The best part of the weekend - getting to meet my friend Amy's baby, Kara. She's only a month old and she's wearing 3 month old clothes. She's beautiful, alert and well-behaved. She's not quite smiling, but she's got quite a scowl from time to time. I anticipate that she'll be quite the social butterfly given her reluctance to nap with people in the house chatting with Mommy and Daddy. Kara is the first intentional baby of my friends. :)

I'm also getting ready to zip off to San Francisco for a visit, and I'm hoping to get to see some letterpress action while I'm in town. I think we're also going to be heading out to Napa, which should be excellent.

Obviously, I've been all over the map recently, but for once, I can say that despite the travels, I have been knitting and cooking.

I started another BSJ. Once I got the hang of the pattern, I couldn't help myself. I had some leftover yarn that I wanted to use up and this seemed like as good of a project as any.

And I've been trying to eat more healthily - my butt has been expanding rapidly since the move to NC. I have been staying far away from buttermilk biscuits, but that's not the only culprit down here. Voila - a different type of breakfast. If I'm not noshing on yogurt, frozen blueberries and granola - then I've got myself a veggie bacon omelette.

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