08 January 2008


I set out on November 6th, 2007 by writing a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 days. There were a few bumps along the road though. I failed to come up with 101 things. The highest I could get was 89. Over the past few months, I've added enough things to come up with 101.

I also finally did the math... 1001 days takes me to August 3, 2010. That is one day before my 30th birthday. Is that amazingly random, or what?

The largest goal in my list of things to do is to pay off my credit card debt by August 2010. I think I can do it before that, but to be safe, I'm sticking with August 2010.

I wasn't educated at all about credit cards when I got my first one. At that time, I was able to pay it off each month and never felt the burn of finance charges. Since then, however, I've managed to be not smart, and have lived beyond my means. I am reforming, and I am working very hard to cut down on my debt. All of my credit cards have been cut up, I am working to pay at least half of my income toward my credit cards - at least for the time being. I am working to create an emergency fund too.

My second big goal is to cut my starting amount of debt from November 2007 in half by November 2008. I think I can do it. I've been working on tracking my expenses - I'll need to eat out less frequently, and be wise about my grocery shopping. When I get an apartment in April or May, I'll need to make sure that I stick with the budget I've been working on.

I am working on being a woman of planning, calculation, and one devoid of compulsive spending.


nancy said...

that is a totally inspiring goal! i'm sure if you stick with your plan you'll totally make it happen! hope you'll share your favorite tips for the good life on a budget too :)

nancy said...

clearly i was channeling a valley girl there, sorry about all the totallys...

eje said...

hooray for the thrift-ninny!

I'm proud of you. cutting up your credit cards is the best crash course you can get in learning to live within your means.

keep us posted. you should put up a 'percentage completed' status bar like you have for your knitting projects.

this is a pretty hot topic: I bet you could start a whole blog about it and get a lot of readers. there are lots of people out there in your shoes. including, until only very recently, me.