16 January 2008

puppies & the potential for snow.

While my mom is hanging out with Maizey this week:

I get to cuddle on the couch with Penny. Penny's a collie/German Shepard mix. She's 5, and yet, she has the energy of a very young puppy. She's vigilant about playing fetch, and she doesn't like to settle down inside. She spent the better part of the evening pacing around and refusing to lay still...until we figured out that she really just wanted to crash on the couch with us. (Please note my knitting in my lap, as I cuddle Penny.)

All in all, having dogs around exacerbates my need to have my own dog.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to fly to San Francisco...and that happens to be the one and only day they are calling for winter weather down here in balmy North Carolina. I'm halfway packed, and I'm trying to finish up a few projects before I fly into the wild blue yonder.

Wish me luck getting the hell out of dodge tomorrow.

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