07 January 2008

the Rice Debacle of 2008

I always fancy myself a pretty good cook. But tonight, along with my roomies, we managed to mangle nearly every piece of our dinner puzzle.

Basmati rice - poor combination of too much water, poorly fitting pot lid, bad pot, too low of heat...oh shit, who knows! What you need to know: it had the consistency of mashed potatoes - watery mashed potatoes.

Indian Tilapia - recipe called for onions, garlic, jalepeno, tomatoes, and some spices - the recipe may not have been intended for Tilapia at all. Dr. Whyvonne likes mushrooms...we added 2 cups of mushrooms. The result was that there was not enough liquid to poach the Tilapia, so we added a cup of broth. I poached our rather thick fish...for a very long time. What you need to know: it was soupy, wrongly tomatoey, and not particularly good at all.

Cilantro & Coconut Milk - I don't think I even saw the recipe for this one - it had jalepeno, garlic and was supposed to have ginger (Jiff doesn't like ginger, so we used pickled ginger.). Jiff was halfway through the recipe when I chimed in...she sort of followed the recipe, clearly, the ginger was the first straying...then she doubled the coconut milk. It was soupy, and the flavor was off. We added more cilantro. There was some sugar, salt, onion powder, curry powder and maybe some tumeric. I think it was supposed to be served cold. At this point, it was really too soupy, and so we heated it up and added cornstarch. What you need to know: it looked like creamed spinach and was, surprisingly, it was the best of the three.

Additionally, I made some butter baked rice that turned out very very wrong due to my unfamiliarity with some very strong bullion.

So, here, for your viewing pleasure is a picture of my butter baked rice and the defunct basmati rice - right where they belong - the trash:

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