17 February 2008

apartments, knitting, music and bald spots

Yesterday was a wonderful day, which had everything listed in the title. We had a nice relaxing morning before hitting the ground apartment hunting. I coerced the redhead into making me a pot of coffee, while I worked on this fresh spinach, portobello and red pepper omelet with feta and Parmesan.

We had a very productive day today seeing many different apartments, and discovering hidden ones located nestled behind different apartment complexes. It was good, and it's helping me to feel informed about what Durham has to offer. A quick note: here in the Durham area, the cost per square foot for an apartment is between $1-$1.15 per square foot. It's incredible to be able to conservatively afford a large one bedroom, and even some two bedrooms.

After viewing some nice and some not so nice apartments, we relaxed at home for a while. I finished up my Green Gable while watching some Law & Order.

The redhead and I ventured into Chapel Hill tonight. We ate dinner at Azure Grille, which is located just over the Durham border on 54. The redhead had the Duck Confit, which was slow roasted to the point of deliciously nearly falling off the bone. The salads we had were scrumptious, and had a lovely presentation. Even their wine and coffee were good. And yes, nearly all of the staff wear azure colored shirts. I recommend the restaurant highly - good food and nice atmosphere.

After dinner, we headed on to part two of our Valentine's extravaganza: concert at the Cat's Cradle. The concert was excellent and the crowd was very lively. Despite the disappointment of the mandolin/guitar/slide guitar player being married, we managed to have a wonderful time with very little knowledge of Carbon Leaf's music. I did learn this one thing though:

Indigo Girls : lesbian audience :: Carbon Leaf : audience of slightly balding, paunchy frat boy rejects who drink Blue Moon.

I highly recommend checking them out live - just beware of bald spots.


eje said...

wait, feta? and pirate's booty? don't these things have cheese in them???

Spinning Ninny said...

they do. didn't eat them. the pirate's booty was brought to my work retreat, and carolyn ate the omelet.