13 February 2008

Blue states and mice.

Everyday, I think to myself - I'm going to work on my Green Gable. And everyday, instead, I work on these fellas:

I love the pattern, which you can find here. It's simple, it's easy and I think it's a great first foray into felting. I have one or two more to go before felting.

Also, I've been working on my taxes. Still. I've been doing this on and off for several weeks. I am on my last round of reviews though. I have a printed copy, which I will double check... Have you seen that commercial for one of the tax preparation places, where the wife tells the husband to "Ask the Box" what's going on? Yeah. Welcome to my life. Never live in 3 states in one year.

When my mom was visiting this weekend, we tooled around the 9th Street area, which included peering into windows of a couple different shops, fondling yarn at Cozy, and popping into Vaguely Reminiscent. My mom got me my Valentine's Day gift there - The Democratic "I Have a Dream" 2008 Mug:

When you have a hot beverage in the mug, the red states turn BLUE!!!

This is what I'm talking about:

And just one more thing, pretty Penny has come to visit us again!

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eje said...

OH MY GOD I WANT THOSE FELTY MICE!!! Alice would go nuts for those things... especially if they were sprinkled with catnip ever so often...