06 February 2008

Giving up, giving in, and getting through

Last night, I tried out my first knitting group in the Durham area. It was small but fun, and I was happy to find that everyone who attended seemed to be similarly aligned in terms of politics. I am going to try a different one out on Thursday. I feel lucky that there are a bunch in the area. So, depending on what day I'm available, I can pick and choose! I spent my time there working on Foliage, which is definitely not going to fit a 4 year old. Tonight, amidst the other things on my to do list, I will be partially pulling out my Foliage and starting to re-knit it.

Today is the beginning of Lent. Some may have read my rant about Lent last year. My rugby and college friends give up chocolate and different forms of alcohol. Last year, I gave up something successfully, which was very hard for me. This year, I'm going to give up something again. Last year, I didn't talk about what I gave up. This year, I'm going to. I need all the support I can get.

I am going to attempt to give up cheese. I'm not sure it's possible. Cheese makes up about a quarter to a third of my diet. My friend JJ thinks that I'll be intolerable without it, and she may be right. But given my current concerns about my diet and health, my recently decreased level of activity (sans rugby), and an overabundance of cheese in my diet, I've decided to see if I can hack it. Even if I only make it a few weeks, it will be an accomplishment. I thought that I would choose something that would be difficult for me and something that I would truly miss - cheese is certainly a major part of my vegetarian diet.

Having lived in 3 states last year has really hampered my ability to do my taxes easily. (I'm happy to not have had more, my friend Trav maxed out at 5 states one year.) It's been expensive to get all of the software, and I still don't know if it's really going to help me. Yikes. I started this weekend while down in Norfolk, and it didn't really go so well. Tonight, I am going to try and work some tax mojo. I'm afraid that I'll owe money in 4 places...

Speaking of money, which I seem to do with increasing frequency these days, there's a great post on Get Rich Slowly, Trav is quoted. Trav's a pretty financially savvy guy, despite his inability to spell well. :)

It's hard to get to the point where you stop hemorrhaging money and unexpected expenditures stop causing set backs. As I plug along and learn how to better manage my finances, I'm also trying to slowly create my own emergency fund. I do anticipate that the transition from a drowning in a life of debt to living a debt-free life will be a hard one, but I am trying to educate myself while I learn my lesson. I hope it works out for the best. I don't just want to become debt-free, I want to LIVE debt-free.


nancy said...

good luck giving up cheese! that would be really hard. if you come up with any new favorites in terms of non-meat protein preparations that are easy on the digestion (beans and tofu are not my friends, sadly), please share!

Becky said...

I just found your blog from the Cover Your Head site. I really enjoy the variety of topics!