29 February 2008

Leap Day Round Up

I'll be spending a good part of the weekend relaxing with my mom and celebrating her birthday. I'm hoping that I have some time to really put my mind to finishing my two current projects - my Portland Pullover and my Foliage. I've got over half the body and one and a half sleeves done on the Portland Pullover, and I'm hoping that I will be able to attach the sleeves and work on the yoke tonight. As for my Foliage, I haven't spent much time on it in the past couple days, but I think I can really crank through it while I'm on the plane to Baltimore this evening.
I love finishing projects and busting through my stash. Using my stash is part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days, which as I mentioned before, without any planning or forethought takes me right up to my 30th birthday.
One of the other things that I am dedicated to, is working on finishing my UFOs (unfinished objects). There are 4 that I am trying to finish - the first of which is my knit tank from 2004. I am going to get it this weekend. It's a simple pattern - knit a front and back, and then make a nice neckline. I've got my one remaining skein, and I'm anxious to get to work on it.
As for the baby poncho, which has never even made it into a picture. I think I am going to pull it out. I started it with some leftover yarn, which ended up not being enough to finish it. I started to add some knitting onto the bottom of each of my two pieces with a different color yarn...with a different size needle. It looks like crap.
The rainbow sock (which I hate) and the aran sweater both have high likelihoods of being finished sometime this year...but perhaps not too soon...

Happy Leap Day everyone. And Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to my mom!

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