08 February 2008

Partially Frogged Red Green Gable

I went to my second knitting group in the Durham area last night, which was held at Panera. I never know what to expect. I was running late leaving the house, I got lost and then I felt obligated to purchase something...so I got an iced green tea. Very sweet, very unnaturally green, and very caffeinated. The group was a hoot. Everyone was laughing the whole time. Good fun.

I took my Green Gable with me to work on, I thought I could use some time just sitting still working on the stockinette stitch. Sadly after working on it and cranking out a couple inches, I realized that my over aggressive shaping was pooching out a little bit and just looked funny (much like this picture that demonstrates the problem).

When I got home after Panera, I worked on frogging several inches of my red Green Gable and starting to re-knit the body, while watching Lost. Even though I was sad to have to be frogging, I know that I should be less infatuated with just creating a finished product, and more interested in creating a good finished product.

In other news, my mom is coming for a visit today, and I'm very excited about it!

1 comment:

MikaJ said...

Oh man, bummer that you frogged some of it. I can't wait to see it. Will I see you on thursday?