23 March 2008

3 Green Mice

Tax Refund Rundown:
DC - Amazed. That is what I am. I received my DC refund check this weekend. I can't wait to deposit it into savings, to wait for May and my first month's rent.
MD - Still have no idea where this one is, but it was the least of my worries.
NC - Got this one last week. It has been deposited and disseminated to the credit cards and into savings.
Federal - Also received my Federal refund last week - it suffered nearly the same fate as the NC refund, only a portion of it went to groceries for the weekend and a lovely Indian dinner at Sitar, here in Durahm.

Receiving my tax refunds was a relief after a hard couple months of learning to budget in an out of the frying pan and into the fire sort of way. It's just another small piece of the puzzle toward living debt-free. Not only does it allow me to put a few extra dollars into savings, but any extra amount to go towards the credit cards means that I will be able to pay them off a few days early. Now, I'm looking forward to the tax rebate, which should be coming in May or June. That's another piece of the cash to credit card distribution that I am anxiously awaiting.

For as far back as I can remember, I've gotten obsessed with things. Toys, games, dolls, marching band, tie-dyed shirts, boys, girls, mix CDs, new music, plants, vegetarianism, the best way to cook tofu, redheads, cookbooks, knitting, rugby, reading, cleaning, organizing, collecting. Finally, something truly productive - I am obsessed with paying of my debt. I get so excite when my credit card statements come. I get to recalculate how far along I am and when I will be able to pay them off. Then, when I get my paycheck, I am happy to start distributing the money out to my cards to then recalculate again where I am. Some may say that this is lame, some may say silly, but I'd rather be lame than in denial about my debt.

/end ranting&raving

This weekend the redhead, my funny-haired friend JJ and her jew were all in town, in addition to my traveling roomy, Jiff. We had a good time eating scrumptious food and enjoying good company - it's also always fun to reminisce some and share a little gossip.

Here's our Saturday afternoon relaxing at Francesca's doing our own thing, all clad in green. One of the women working at Francesca's asked us if we had planned to all wear green - and of course, we had not. Thankfully, these terrible camera phone pictures don't show color quite accurately.

I did my hair into tiny Princess Leia rolls, the redhead studied, and Jiffy pretended to do her taxes:


eje said...

woohoo! 26% down! I can't wait for your rebate check, either. I might burst from vicarious excitement.

speaking of rebate checks: I'm thinking about volunteering for a financial literacy organization in DC, and one of the upcoming things they need volunteers for is helping people who didn't earn enough money to have to file a tax return, file one so they can get a rebate check.

so I will be practicing monetary policy by day, and fiscal policy by night. MUAAHAHAHAHAHA!

(so, many people probably don't know this, but the Fed's economy-influencing tools are called monetary policy, and taxes/govt spending are called fiscal policy. okay, so that was probably less amusing because I had to explain it...)

mish said...

your blog is so inspiring. i love reading it.