20 March 2008

brackets? huh?

Those of you who know me know that I have no investment in March Madness. I do enjoy basketball, but don't follow college ball enough to know my ass from my elbow.

I did join an office bracket pool, which was me guessing randomly and then choosing winning teams based on a combination of mascots, team colors and general attractiveness of coaches.

My final four looks like the follow:


The Vols are out because their mascot is a dorky looking dog and their orange is a little too bright for my taste. The Tigers are out because their coach looks like a douche. That puts Kansas and UCLA against one another...and to be frank, UCLA will have to win because their coach is more attractive AND what bird could possibly win a fight with a bear. There you have it - UCLA is my pick.


bruiser said...

ahaha. LOVE the reasoning...

Camilla said...

sounds like my approach.