10 March 2008

guests, movies and knitting.

It was a lovely weekend here in Durham, and I was glad to have my mom in town. Although, every time she's visited, we've had near spring-like weather. She's under the impression that the weather down her is always nice - which is almost true...

We watched some good rugby. My mom and I went to support the Norfolk Storm as they played against the Raleigh women's team. I took some pictures with a friend's camera, and walked water, while my mom played with her friend Cole:

It was a hard game to watch. Raleigh played dirtier than I thought they would - with an astounding number of high tackles which went unnoticed by the ref.

We also tooled around the city, visited Weaver Street Market for breakfast, hung out with our friend Ellen who is moving to Amsterdam, and visited my new apartment. My mother saved me by ironing the better part of my collection of button downs! :) Thanks Mom! We had a great time and it was sad to see her go, even if I did see her just last weekend.

I also watched some movies, and got some knitting done.

I highly recommend:
  • The Italian Job
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
  • Kramer vs. Kramer
  • Conversations with Other Women
And I made some good progress on my knitted tank. I just need to crochet the neckline and sew in the bits. Yay. Slow but steady progress. Should be done by tomorrow.

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nenny said...

Ooh, we watched Conversations a couple months ago & loved it too. HBC still looks so hot, even when she wears a pink frilly dress.