17 March 2008

Orchids & Beer

I spent the weekend in DC visiting with a good many friends. I got to see a record 9 people. It was excellent.

My Saturday was near perfect:
- rugby
- beer
- beautiful day
- plants
- Misha's cooking

Here are a couple highlights:

Here's a link to the rest of the pictures.

Aside from the flowers, beer, some great food, and good company, I spent most of my time making sure that most of my stuff from the redhead's house was boxed up and ready to get moved at the beginning of May. It was time consuming, and a bit painful given the amount of rather small stuff, rather heavy stuff and the few boxes that I had. I did make good progress and I think one more weekend worth of packing should do it. I took some knitting with me, but it didn't even make it out of my bag. I feel ok about that though. Some weekends, I need a break from knitting.

Last night though, I was re-energized. I started working on Kate Gilbert's Pea Pod Set. I'm doing it in a light blue, and I'm hoping that it will be good for one of the many upcoming babies... :)

PS - After ongoing frustrations with my tax refunds, here's what I've got for you:
DC - After calling 3 times and each time verifying my routing and account numbers for them, I find out that they have my account number wrong, despite it being correct on my tax return. In a month, they will issue a check. Nevermind the fact that I filed my taxes a month ago already. Grr.
MD - no clue!
NC - received!
Federal - Sent with delivery confirmation 4 weeks ago, and sat in their mailbox for 2 weeks before being picked up. They finally have it, but haven't begun to process it.
:::sigh::: This certainly is an imperfect science.

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eje said...

dude, you need to use turbo tax and get your refund electronically deposited. I got mine from the Feds in like 5 days, and my VA refund in the mail in about a week.

You might get a discount through the Fidelity webpage -- check it out for next year!