03 March 2008

Planning Ahead: Italy and Morocco, 2010

Most people who know me can tell you that I'm a planner, organizer and a dreamer. With less than 2 year until I'm debt free, I am working hard to live below my means, and ensure that I succeed at climbing out of the red. In preparation for the future, I am starting to think about the things that I want and need to do. Simultaneously, I have undertaken two tasks. The first is thinking about what kind of credit card I want to get once I'm done with the high rates and depressing finance charges, which I'll get in to later. The second, and much more whimsical of the two, is coming up with two or three travel scenarios. When I have paid off my debt, and saved up some money, I plan to pay myself off for my successes (albeit a bit more delayed that I would have hoped).

Here's the first trip I'm thinking about - Italy. After talking with friends about it, this is what I've come up with: Rome & Sardinia:

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And the second trip that I have been lusting after is a tour around Morocco. Now, given what the state department says about travel in Morocco and last year's terrorist bombing, now might not be quite the right time to visit...

I did find it particularly interesting that Morocco has the longest unbroken treaty held with the United States - the Treaty of Peace and Friendship from 1787.

Morocco is supposed to be best in the spring and fall, when it is not affected by extreme temperatures. Despite the terrorist threats in recent years, Morocco and the United States have had warm relations for...well...centuries. They have functional airports in multiple cities (Casablanca having the largest airport) and a rail system that goes nearly everywhere I was hoping to go except for one location... As you can see from the map, my trip would be the path MOST traveled. I would be stopping in all of the places that are the most well known, where travel is the easiest in the northern areas of Morocco.

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These are just my first attempts. Both maps/itineraries will change. The more I think about traveling in Morocco, the more I want to try and get down to southern parts of the country.

Here's where you can find my saved maps: Bikehorn's Saved Maps


MikaJ said...

i think you should go to croatia. i went last year. it was amazing, and everything was cheap once you were there. all the europeans go there cause it is cheaper than italy! i cant wait to go back!!!

- said...

My sister lives in Morocco and I visited there and Spain for a month - we went to Rabat, Marrakesh, Fez, Casablanca, and then a three day trip to the Sahara to ride camels and sleep outside at night. It was an excellent trip - and I do recommend pairing Morocco with Spain, since you'll see the same Moorish history from a Western view point and from a North African view point. Plus, Barcelona is just an all around amazing city.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Ninny! Thanks so much for paying me a visit -- and, because of that - I found YOUR blog.

First of all, that soup looks scrumpdiddlyumptious. I must try it. Thank you for the recipe.

As for your long term plans and paying off your bills - I applaud your efforts and determination. Like losing weight (!) getting out of debt takes dtermination and dedication -- long term. And a wonderful, memorable trip to reward yourself at the end -- bravo!