06 March 2008

Ready for winter?

For several months now, Durham weather has been showing a real lack of interest in becoming winter. I'm new to the area, yes. But I've never been too far away from North Carolina - Virginia really isn't that far.

For years, I've hated February. It's a month of greys and dusty whites, clouds, cold rain and dustings of snow. Not so any longer. Here in Durham, February's weather showings left something to be desired.

The first 7 days of February did not get below 61 during the day. The rest of the month was strongly peppered with days in the 60s. All in all, 4 days over 70, 13 days in the 60s, 6 days in the 50s, and 6 days in the 40s. I had to scrape my windshield twice on days that had highs in the 40s.

I don't mind the springy weather, but it does alarm me. It feels wrong. Granted, the lack of precipitation in the area has thrown me a bit too. The thing that I find particularly peculiar is that temperatures across the country have been LOWER than normal. In the back of my mind when I worry about the temperatures in the US, there's a tinge of fear about Global Warming, but perhaps ONLY NC is affected by global warming.

In honor of the springy weather, I am finally making some headway on my knitted tank top, which was started in 2004. As one of my 101 Things in 1001 days, I wanted to finish this by the end of February. Sadly, I didn't retrieve it from the redhead's house in DC until just a few days. I have started seaming the front and back, creating an invisible seam using the mattress stitch.

I think the tank top material looks lovely, and I think it will be great under a suit jacket. I can wait to try it out. I am really disappointed that this yarn, Classic Elite Flash, has been discontinued, because I really like the way it feels and knits. The pattern is simple, it came from Sweater Wizard.

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