07 April 2008

Cherry Blossoms

I drove up to DC (again) on Friday evening and had a miraculously quick trip - much quicker than I've ever experienced. I listened to NPR and reveled in just how far my little Honda has taken me:

I had a little brunch fun with Karen, MA et al on Saturday morning which was followed directly by drinking beer and watching rugby with Mary and a couple other rugby folks who were not playing in Furies/Stinger/Georgetown round robin.

Other than a couple odds and ends, lamps and a cutting board, all has been packed at the redhead's home. All but one item have been moved out of the common areas.

There was a little housewarming/birthday soiree for Carolyn's roommates, which was attended by a few good friends. And I finally got to me the SO of my good friend DCent - and I'd have to say the new SO is a great fit. Even my NC roommy Jiff showed up! With a plethora of homemade pizzas, lots of good beer, and some good friends, it's no wonder that the end of my evening looked like this:

And Sunday, before being crushed by a migraine, I took a rainy-day tour of the Cherry Blossom festival. Here's a tourist's view of our nation's capital under siege of the blossoms:

I did even get a little knitting done today, but I'll share more on that later. This week is Reunion at the Law School, so I'm slammed.

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