04 April 2008

the decline of the blog KAL

I started blogging much after I started knitting, but non-the-less, I knew to use the internet as a resource even for knitting-related topics. You can search online and find everything from free patterns to how-to videos for specific patterns and everything in between. It seems recently though, that Ravelry has taken the wind from the sails of the "old fashioned" Knit-a-long or KAL. The online blog KAL may already have been declining, but the functionality and helpfulness of all of Ravelry's many tools has made KALs seem clunky and out-dated.

The Sexy Knitters Club seems to be going along just fine, although for the past few projects, I have disagreed about the sexiness of the items... I'm currently working on Kate Gilbert's Pea Pod Baby Set, but the Pea Pod KAL has morphed into a place to simply display and talk about other baby sweaters. Since I've got the materials ready to work on a couple projects from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (LMKG), I was hoping to join the LMKG KAL, which seems all but abandoned...

Someone was nice enough to compile a list of KAL websites for this year, and from years past. If you look at this year's list and you look at the 2005, there seems to be far more KALs in the past. I think it probably has a couple reasons behind it. Once a KAL starts, most of the people who join are able to finish their projects around the same time... That leaves late joiners with less support than the initial group. Additionally, Ravelry has created groups and forums for KALs, which allows a rotating membership and a much wider audience. If no one is knitting the same project as you are, there's bound to be someone out there who has knitted it, and you can always message them through Ravelry to ask questions. It's certainly easier than trying to find help by searching through people's knitting blogs. All the same, the decline of the blog KAL is a little sad for me, and probably very sad for those who aren't yet on Ravelry.

I'm nearly done with "One Fish, Two Fish" - I decided to go with only the smaller one due to yarn constraints. I'm ignoring my Pea Pod currently. We had a fight when I failed to read part of the pattern and just plugged along incorrectly for about 3 inches. I got really bored with the Portland Pull over. I think that the pattern really should have been knitted with no seaming, which is not the case. It's super easy, but I suck at seaming...and I don't really know how to do it with that whispy-ass yarn. (Not to be confused with whispy ass-yarn.) It's been forever since I had a FO to present - nearly a month actually. I'm hoping my fish will be done and mailed ASAP.

The post office! Can I just tell you how hard it is for me to mail things? I just have not been able to motivate myself to find shipping materials and head over there. I have knitted mice, 2 hats and a knitted fish. Two of the items are belated birthday gifts, that were done well in time, but but just not mailed. This weekend! I have faith!

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