21 April 2008

Houston we have a problem...

In addition to having misplaced my marbles and my acorn squash...

I've lost my banana bread recipe. After rigorous taste testing by Dr. Whyvonne and the redhead, I'd boiled it down to what we thought was the best, most moist, most dense bread. This is a horrible travesty. I try to bake once a week or once every two weeks, and having take most of the recipes I found online through the ringer, I had settled on the best.

It always came up in the top links when I googled it, but alas, it is no longer. I spent over an hour last night googling, searching recipe sites, searching by keyword, by ingredient, by absence of ingredient. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

I finally settled on a similar recipe, and by similar it had most of the same ingredients - and an absence of maple syrup, chocolate chips, sour cream, milk, egg whites and coconut.

Here's the recipe I used: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/banana-banana-bread/Detail.aspx

I added 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon and a handful of chopped walnuts.

I do have to say, this recipe is close. It has the density and moisture that I wanted with none of the dry crumbly breadiness of some recipes. It's good enough that I'm almost inspired to share it with my officemate. Almost. I only brought one piece, and I'm not good at sharing.

Sweet, sweet delicious nanner bread. If only I could take you with me to Chicago tomorrow!

The rest of the weekend was a success. Our little group of friends trolled around the Triangle. Friday night, we crashed a bachelorette party at the Red Room in Raleigh. It was a little sketchy there, but my waitress was excellent, and my friends were seriously catty. Saturday, we spent the majority of the day in Carrboro and Chapel Hill walking around, eating good food and enjoying the sunshine. And on Sunday, despite the rain later in the day, we had a great brunch at Guglhupf Bakery & Patisserie - which never loses it's scrumptious charm. We all camped out there for a while, each working on our own projects. Jiff and I definitely go the better end of the deal, she read Paste Magazine and I knit. Dr. Whyvonne graded exams for a class that she's TAing and the redhead studied for the LSAT.

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IrishgirlieKnits said...

I have a few recipes that I really need to copy just in case...heaven forbid they get lost! Thanks for posting the backup banana bread recipe! Dad loves trying new ones :)