25 April 2008

I miss the Bean already.

After 4 days in Chicago, I'm home in DC with the redhead and my terrible cat. It was a long day today. I started out the morning a little hungover after having had my fair share of wine with friends at the hotel bar the evening before. The first session of the morning was pretty terrible, and felt like a tongue bath for Northwestern's undergraduate fundraising shebang. The next session was, like the others from the previous days, thought provoking and interesting. After I left for the day, I had lunch with my new friend Jen. We had an interesting talk about everything from knowing people who have died entirely too young, to how to manage people. Lunch didn't last nearly long enough before I was off and running to the airport.

I stayed at the airport for quite a long time and occupied myself by walking up and down the halls dodging small children and aloof conference presenters. When I finally got on my flight, I was seated in front of three of the most irritating people - an Australian, a recent law school grad and her drunk lackey. They were equal opportunity offenders in their over hour-long conversation. I feel certain that gay, straight, black, white, Mormon, Jewish and Lutherans could all have been fairly offended. Awesome. So much for my nap.

I did make it back safely, and had a loverly dinner with the redhead for her birthday at Maryland's esteemed Udupi Palace. Holy hell, my friends, I am stuffed and tired, but feeling rather self-satisfied. I had a great week with great company; I learned excellent things and my brain nearly exploded with my new and improved thinking AND now I get to rest in Maryland for the weekend visiting with friends and family.

What could be better?? Only one thing - if the neighbors don't play loud Mariachi music first thing in the morning!

I am anxious for the rest and relaxation of the rest of the weekend, but I will certainly miss Chicago. I thought I might never come home. And now that I'm home, I can't wait to plan my next excursion there!

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