01 April 2008

packing = relaxing?

I spent the weekend at the redhead's house finishing the boxing of my massive amounts of crap. I have such a weird collection of stuff... I don't have much functional furniture, but I have 5 sets of sheets and 8 rugby shirts. Good times.

As I was packing up, I did try and throw away random bits of nothingness that I didn't need to have moved down to NC. I also ended up moving stuff from surface to surface in the house as I sifted through. Luther also ended up moving from surface to surface. Here's a picture of him resting "daintily" amidst the redhead's miscellaneous ski garb:

I also special permission from the redhead to purchase just a wee bit of yarn for a specific project that I just HAD to do. I received the yarn, which I could almost eat from kpixie:

Happy Flash Your Stash Day Everyone!


eje said...

are you making me felted catnip mice for me with those new skeins of yarn? I can't imagine that you'd work on anything else until I had my very own set of felted catnip mice...

ps - luther looks possessed in that picture.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

That looks like some Blue Sky Cotton?? So pretty whatever it is!