29 April 2008


I probably should have just waited another week to move. Were I to move the 2nd weekend in May, it would certainly be far superior to the 1st weekend in May.

As most Mid-Atlantic knitters know...the 1st weekend in May is ALWAYS the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Years ago, at my first job, we had an event over the first weekend in May each year, which made it impossible for me to attend. Then once free from that job, I enjoyed several years of attendance in a row. Such unadulterated joy.

Of course, currently, I need no fiber and I have a moratorium on purchasing yarn before July. So, I will be sad to miss the festivities, the fibers, the yarns, the sheep, the border collies and the funnel cake.

I hope that all those who attend have a splendid time!

In honor of MSW, here are a the last few year's worth of adorable logos:

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