07 April 2008

Why can't I sew?

I really wish I could sew. It's not that I can't per se... It's that I don't have a sewing machine. I used to, but alas, it is no longer.

I do have too many hobbies to be able to really get down and dirty with the sewing, I know this to be true. Knitting, spinning, reading, writing, working out, personal training, searching for furniture on craigslist, netflixing, cooking, cleaning...shopping at Target. See? It's hard to fit sewing in there. I did do a bit of quilting in my heyday - AND as a kid, I used to make doll clothes.

What's not to love about these though?

It looks so simple, so elegant and so manageable. And it is. There's a tutorial here: http://foofanagle.wordpress.com/2007/06/26/bagsket-tutorial/

To be completely self-serving and ridiculously handy, I need to make one of these:

And so easy to do with these tutorials:

And what about this adorable bag?!?

Image courtesy of The Belle Epoque Tutorials Pool on Flickr

And, of course, you can make that too, thanks to this handy tutorial by Belle Epoque:

As you can probably tell by now, I'm totally a purse fiend. Here's another adorable one that has a great tutorial...if only I could sew...

And here's the tutorial:

And just one more! This is a cute, cute change purse - I love the fabric:

Here's the tutorial:

Alas, sans machine à coudre, I am lost. I will put that on my never-ending list of wants: a sewing machine.

Someday, I will have my own crafty studio and it will have a love sewing machine, a quilting table, a stash of yarns, a swift, a ball winder, several spinning machines and a loom.


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IrishgirlieKnits said...

I hear you! I wish I had more time for sewing!! Ah...the netflixing..hehehe! At least I can do that while knitting :)