30 April 2008

Why no Bravo??

I'm starting to get things in order for the big move this weekend. I've got my electricity set up. I've changed the address on most of my important mail stuff. I have next Monday off, and if I feel inspired, I'm going to try and get an NC drivers license. I've been packing up my stuff at Whyvonne and Jiffy's... I really have had a lot of crap squeezed into that room.

Next step - cable & internet. The dynamic duo. As I was thinking about what I could afford and what I needed, Bravo has come up several times. With programs like Top Chef and Project Runway, what's not to love? Well, the fact that here in the Durham area, Time Warner Cable does NOT offer Bravo. That's what's not to love. Additionally, the channel shows re-runs of some favorites like Six Feet Under and The West Wing.

What gives Time Warner of Eastern Carolina? Why are you denying us?

If you're a Time Warner cable customer in the Durham area, please go to this website:

Use the "Email us" link and select "Channel Request" as the nature of your correspondence.

If you chose to contact them, leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know. I'm hoping that together we can encourage Time Warner to give us the programming we want!


eje said...

what happened to the sarah that used to sneer at me with utter contempt when I watched TV?

herding tapeworms said...

how are you supposed to be fierce without BRAVO??

Lee Hyde said...

Bravo has been added it seems today to channel 72 in the area...check it out!