27 May 2008

Accomplishing and...knitting!

After nearly abandoning my blog, I'm back. Since I last wrote, much progress has been made. Take a look a what has gone on:
  • I very slowly moved my crap out of Jiffy and Whyvonne's house.
  • My spinning wheel finally is housed here with me.
  • Misha visited me 2 weekends ago - and we had a blast. I'm trying to recruit her (and a few select others) to join the NC ranks - I haven't seen much progress on that moving front, but I'm keeping the faith.
  • My dad has made a guest appearance at Chez Tricoteuse. Together, he and I adventured on about 30 miles of cycling fun. I'm really sad that I don't live closer to he and his wife. If I did, I'd definitely having some cycling buddies.
  • My father generously sponsored a little bicycle tuneup for my precious green bike.
  • I've repotted several plants.
  • I've nearly emptied out all boxes.
  • I've started a new knitting project.
  • Nearly 10 pairs of pants have gotten weeded out of my wardrobe. I'm hoping to be able to sell at least 5 pairs of size 6 Banana Republic pants which a wish and a prayer won't help me squeeze in to.
  • I may be developing a lactose intolerance, which would signify the end of my happiness for all time.
  • I found out that Newt Gingrich is on Facebook and is friends with a few friends of mine.
  • I've cleaned my house three times.
  • I've cleaned the litter every 3 days - a new record for me.
  • And I haven't seen the redhead at all in that time - very sad for me. I'll be making up from home working from home in MD next Friday.
  • I made reservations for Friday night at Vinoteca for myself and some friends. A friend of mine does their desserty things.
  • I got an oil change and a car wash!
  • I've watched all of seasons 1 & 2 of Dead Like Me...and I'm still traumatized that it ends after only 2 seasons....
  • I've started researching converting to Judaism.
  • I went hiking!
Woo. Now that's some accomplishments.

Here are a few pikkies:


nenny said...

I remember someone at work mentioning that cheese doesn't contain lactose. I don't know if it's true, but probably worth looking into... :)

mish said...

your blog always makes me laugh. sad to us that we didn't take pictures. i will be down again soon.