06 May 2008


In addition to having to change my address on a plethora of things, I'm also faced with the task of switching my driver's license. I think I'll wait a little bit to do that though - cuz I know it will take half of a day to do. Having previously had licenses in VA, DC and of course, my current MD license, I know just how complicated the process can be. (It's nothing like getting married and changing one's name, but I think it might be close.)

The redhead, Dr. Whyvonne & Jiffy all helped me move this weekend. As usual, no matter what I do, I continue to be indebted to Whyvonne & Jiffy. They helped my move crap from their house to my new apartment...and even worse they helped me move a matching love seat and sofa bed. The bed portion of the sofa bed, we removed from the frame and then had to reassemble once inside. Apparently, I'm neither as handy nor as spatially oriented as I thought I was. We had some significant challenges, and very sadly didn't have a camera during some awesome photo ops.

I am ridiculously heavy and unwieldy.

The apartment is starting to shape up. I have a generous box for the thrift store and the empty boxes are quickly diminishing. Through this whole process, I can say these two things as truths:
  1. Hiring movers is worth the money.
  2. Craigslist rocks.
Yesterday, I got a TV stand, the coffee table pictured above and a nightstand - all in great condition for under $100. I am hoping to have a table and chairs by next weekend.

The biggest adjustment for me has been having my cat Luther with me. I don't know if he was this affectionate previously or if he's trying to make up for 9 months away from me all in the span of a couple days. He is definitely a love-cat though. I do have to complain a little bit though. From knitting catnip mice for the many kitties in my life, I keep catnip in my knitting basket. Yesterday afternoon, Luther found the catnip tub and pulled the entire thing out of the bottom of my knitting basket. In an effort to save myself having to vacuum up catnip, I stuck the tub in my nightstand drawer... This morning at 5am, Luther was banging about trying to open the nightstand drawer, and had nearly opened it enough to get the catnip out. I'm going to have to find a much better place for the catnip.


herding tapeworms said...

crafty little ball of evil isn't he? i guess opening drawers is better than gnawing off your elbow.

eje said...

lookin good, kiddo.

where are the piles? I can't recognize it as your place til there are piles!

MikaJ said...

actually, getting a NC license wasn't bad at all! much easier than DC, for sure!!!

Camilla said...

congrats on the move! glad to hear luther is being very affectionate... i still have trouble forgetting the first time i met him when he was slightly less than affectionate ;)

jessy said...

hey! i had no idea you were a knitter! wahooooo! i just started knitting this past fall - still on scarves and such, but i love it - and it's soooooooo addictive! :) oh - i'm sure you've checked this one out - but they have some fun & cute patterns here, too: http://mochimochiland.com/ (made by a fellow vegan blogger!)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love Craigslist! The furniture looks great! And Luther just cracks me up!!