29 May 2008

Always in the air.

I am anxious to head up to DC this weekend. I fly up tonight to work from home up there tomorrow. It's been a month since my last visit. I haven't seen the redhead in 3 weeks, which may be a new record!

We've got some fun plans - as I mentioned before, we've got reservations at Vinoteca. I can't wait to try it out. Their menu looks lovely. There is also a rugby birthday celebration and a party that the redhead's hockey team is throwing. We hardly even needed to work to create a social life for the weekend - it was created for us.

My current knitting project is the mystery project which is a gifty for the redhead. I'm hoping to wrap it up tonight. Yay!


Sandra Dodd said...
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Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks for playing the lyrics game. Hang on to that "biggest balls of all" bit, because you can play it again in a few days (secret hint). And it could go on songs about size, too. We recycle at the Lyrics Game!