15 May 2008

Direct flights not available.

It's strange sometimes how life works. I found out the other day that a friend is moving to New York...by way of a stranger's blog. Very odd. There's a moving craze going around. Friend migrating to NY, friends moving around the DC area and my move.

Life has been crazy recently. As everyone knows, in the past month, I've gone through Reunion weekend for work, moving all of my stuff in to my new place and Graduation weekend, also for work. It's been very busy. My knitting and fiber and needles and all that crafty stuff has finally been unearthed. Remaining boxes contain crap that I have no idea what to do about...perhaps I should just trash them!

Tonight is my knitting group that I usually go to, and while I miss everyone, I think I need to go home and hang out there. I have a good friend coming in to town this weekend, and I'd like to have everything in order. Even though things are definitely unpacked, I want the house to be neat and orderly. So, there's no direct correlation between unearthing knitting supplies and actual knitting. I've been quite the hermit recently, but I swear - soon, SOON, I will knit again.

Here's a picture of my bad cat to tide everyone over until I can actually share something knitted:

Additionally, I don't know if everyone heard, but California's Supreme Court struck down their ban on same-sex marriage. Every once in a while, I have a glimmer of hope that someday people in this country will change from their ignorant ways and accept all people with open arms.

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