30 June 2008

busy bee does knitting.

The past few months have been pretty crazy. Starting in mid-May, it's been a steady stream of weekend social engagements.
May 17 - Misha in NC
May 24 - Dad in NC
May 31 - Up to DC to visit the redhead, the Chesapeake Bay Lightning, and Candace & Reba
June 7 - in DC cycling with Misha and visiting with the redhead
June 14 - Mom & the redhead in NC
June 21 - in DC cycling with Misha and visiting with the redhead
June 28 - Julie and the redhead in NC

See how popular I look!! So many people, so little time....

So little time to knit.

It is with rejuvenated interest that I attack knitting. This is all on the theme of knitting mania, but it's necessary. In order to really reduce the amount of yarn and knitting bits that I have in the house, I know that I need to work hard. Yes, I have finished 18 projects this year, but in all honesty, it needs to be much higher than this. I want to finish up a lot of my 2/3s skeins and pair my 1/4 skeins together to knit random, funny hats for my friends.

All this knitting, will be, of course, to make way for the projects that I've had on my radar 4 EVER. I'll post a little poll soon for my next project.


borntoride said...

thanks also for putting the last 1.5 months into context for me as well :)

Miss 376 said...

Wow, you've done well. I've done the same and having to work hard not to let it build up again