23 June 2008

Disaster in Arlington Cemetery

I spent the weekend in DC, once again with my bicycle in hand. A group of 5 of us had organized a cycling outing for Saturday morning. Two bailed out due to hangovers, which left Misha, the redhead and myself. We left a bit later than we had intended, but were still able to enjoy the beautiful temperatures and weather at 10am.

Into and through Fort Myers we went, enjoying the mostly downhill trip. We ended just in front of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. At this point, we were pretty close to the Memorial Bridge and our destination - the Mount Vernon Trail.

Just 3 miles into our trip, disaster struck.

Misha fell, somehow removing a quarter sized chunk of skin from her elbow. Calm and cool, we tried to stop the bleeding. After little success, the redhead headed over to the Arlington Cemetery's visitor center in search of a first aid kit. At the visitor center they were somewhat unhelpful and unfriendly. They were unable to provide gauze, bandages, or any semblance of a first aid kit. They did, however, offer to call an ambulance.

Rather than pay out the ass for an ambulance, we had Francesca come over with the car and bike rack to take Misha to the doctor.

Misha didn't even shed a tear - it was amazing. What was not amazing was how crappily prepared Arlington Cemetery's visitor's center was.

She's been stitched up now and is fine - but she could definitely use a little help doing her hair, since she only has the use of one arm... :)

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mish said...

i love the red cross symbol at the crash site. sweet.

Camilla said...

boo! but glad misha is better now!