19 June 2008

how boring am i?

I realize that the content of my blog has been non-existent recently. I've been very busy with both work and personal life. I spend all week making phone calls and working hard as we approach our fiscal year end. I spend the weekends driving up to DC and then eating Indian food until I want to burst, and sometimes riding my little green bicycle.

I spent some time this weekend putting Yakima racks on my car - just the basic set up. And today at lunch I put my Viper bike rack on that. Woot. Finally, I don't have to stuff my bike into my back seat.

There will be lots of driving this coming weekend and there will probably not be any knitting. I need to pick a new project for the Tour de France knit-a-long! I'll have to think about that tonight after Coworker Karaoke...

1 comment:

mish said...

LOVE the new rack. You should bring knitting projects anyway - there may be time tomorrow afternoon during rib making when we go get coffee or whatever!!