06 June 2008

Self-Imposed Tedium

Once every 90 days, I get a music bug. I get completely sick with a need to download/buy/steal/iTune new music. Sadly, the remedy is far less specific that I would like it to be. As soon as I get the bug, rather than staying home, nursing my need and trying to overcome (since I already have too many tunes), I obsessively acquire whatever music I can without any discretion. It is through this magic that I have stumbled on a song, which is either the best or the worst song EVER.

The song is Love, Panda Style by Nightbeast.

On last.fm, the most prevalent tag is weird ass. I'd have to agree.

The moral to this story is that after having been suffering through the Kate Nash fever and Jack PeƱate rashes, I'm thinking of checking myself in somewhere. I've downloaded far more songs than I can ever handle or than will comfortably fit on my hard drive. Rather than quit cold turkey, which could send me off into a tailspin - I'm self-medicating. I've decided to go through my music on my laptop and decided what I want to keep, what I want to get rid of, and what to burn to a CD for perusal at a later date.

It's hard work focusing and concentrating - of course, it doesn't help that it's nearly 1:00am. There are definite keepers, definite trashers and the others that are somewhere in between.

I've deleted at least 40 songs already today. I'm aiming for 150 by the end of the weekend.

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