15 July 2008

Punch You in the Dick

I love coffee. I do. I love coffee and coffee pots. I don't like over-roasted beans. I don't feel the urge to 1) buy schmancy locally roasted/grown/hand-petted coffee or 2) become a coffee purist.

Someday, but right now, I'm working hard to pay off my credit cards. I spend my money on what's on sale. When I've got cash and time, I'll learn how to be a barista and roast my own beloved beans. Until then, I'm satisfied with the little tiny piece of knowledge that I have. And it is tiny.

What I know about coffee: "I don't care if it's not done right, I'm paying for it, so I want it my way."

I can talk coffee a bit - and I can care about coffee a bit. But, really, this was too much:


Don't get me wrong - I fly off the handle a lot. This is kind of crazy - and potentially something that I would do. I also like that on the customer's blog, someone who was near him in line corroborated his story.

It's all so surreal. And I think that Cho's response is amazing given that his livelihood depends on selling that coffee...

I realize that the customer is not always right, but when a boycott could shut down your store.... When your popularity = profits... It's ok to be a bit of a coffee purist - but a coffee nazi? Those people are paying the bills and keeping the lights on.

I guess enough people weren't buying coffee to help with the taxes though...or rent occasionally.

Check here for more on that:


Be a purist and douchebag to your customers when you're in the black.

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