05 July 2008

TDF progress

The Tour has begun. While I wasn't too impressed with my team's (CSC - the REAL tour, not the KAL) performance, the tour itself was an excellent watch. There was one minor fender bender, there were some good sprints and some mountain fun. Team CSC certainly didn't end up in the front of the race as of this first stage.

I also wasn't too impressed with my own performance. I had some equipment malfunctions - my yarn is waiting for the knitting pattern to arrive. I thought I'd ordered it in time - but I guess the random knitting shop in New England that I ordered it from didn't realize that I was on a time crunch.

I did get some work done on my WIPs, which I'm excited about. I'm so happy to have been able to watch the Tour, it really did make the day. And better yet, because we couldn't go cycling this morning because of the weather, I was happy to get to watch it with my cycling buddies.

Even though I'm off to a rocky start, I am ever hopeful that I am going to be able to make up some time in the next few stages.

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borntoride said...

i'm kinda surprised that watching the tour is so much sfun. 3 weeks ago i would have saez Sarah you is craze.