13 July 2008

Travel Woes

My friends know me to talk a big talk, but not be able to follow through. I want to be a party animal, but I'm a knitting homebody. For instance, Misha and I talked about the 4th of July and how we were going to go out and get schnockered. When it came right down to it, we didn't the gumption or energy to seal the deal. Misha, the redhead and I came home post fireworks, and fell asleep watching a movie well before midnight.

This weekend, I got to live out some of those fantasies! I went up to NY to visit my Brooklyn friend and have a little fun. She and I haven't spent much time alone recently, and I'd forgotten just how debaucherous things get when we spend time together. Friday, after an 11:20pm arrival into LaGuardia, we went straight to a bar filled with burly rugby men. It was 5:15am by the time we poured ourselves into bed. Saturday night, much the same, less men, more women - with the added bonus of a pub that serves popcorn and pizza delivered there.

I was sad to head home today, but felt pretty good when we headed out of the house just before noon. We walked to a bakery for coffee and danishes, then off to the subway. Aboard the subway, we made good time...until a portion of the line was closed. We had to board a shuttle bus, which took us to the 2nd to last stop on the line... At that 2nd to last stop, we had to re-enter the subway system and head finally to the last stop. From there, I hopped on the AirTran, the most efficient means of getting out to JFK. (For a cheaper flight, I booked into one airport and out of the other.)

Once at JFK, I find out that my flight has been canceled and that there are no more flights out of LaGuardia that could get me home same day. I talk to a booking agent who gets me onto a flight out of LaGuardia. With Misha's computer prowess, I learn that there is a shuttle between the airports.

I schlep my luggage down to ground transportation, where I purchase a shuttle ticket to LaGuardia. When the shuttle comes, the ticket vendor verifies that the bus is heading to LaGuardia, and so do I upon entering. Just before the bus leaves the airport, the driver asks if everyone is going into the city... I wasn't. I needed to go to LaGuardia. I had to get off the bus and wait for a new one.

Off I go to LaGuardia. I go to the counter to check-in to my flight - a non-direct United flight connecting through Dulles. Upon check-in, I learn that my flight to Dulles is so delayed that I won't have any chance of making it to NC for the evening. At this point, I'm really riddled with disbelief. Thankfully, I had a wonderful agent who got the go-ahead to book me on a different airline.

So, with a little help from this guy, and a sweet seat on a direct flight to home, I ended up arriving 20 minutes earlier than I would have initially.

Not half bad.

I did get some knitting done too, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

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borntoride said...

was just about to ask if united paid for your shuttle but then i got to the bottom.... i'm guessing that at this point and after all the shenangians, you're not gonna fret over $11. i'm glad you made it home safely and i can't believe sciacca succeeded in keeping you out past bedtime... i must meet her (can she do same for me?)