07 July 2008

WIP Run-down.

While I am not so patiently waiting for my TDF KAL pattern to arrive, I have been working on some old WIPs...or UFOs...or AOs (abandoned objects).

My Peapod Baby Set is coming right along. The sweater is completed but still in 3 pieces. I am about an eighth of the way through the hat. My goal is to finish knitting and assemble this week - preferably before my Rebecca Magazine arrives.

My Portland Sweater remains abandoned, but it has at least made its way to the top of my knitting basket. It's really SO close to being done. Only the neckline and the sewing together of the sleeves remain. I should just bite the bullet. I have a bit of a hang-up about finishing and assembling garments... It's sort of an inferiority complex. I'm concerned that although most recipients of my knitted items wouldn't be able to see that it might really be shoddily constructed, someone they know might see it and think, "I can't believe someone gave them this crappily knitted and constructed knitted gifty." Again, regardless, I need to just suck it up.

If that damn pattern doesn't come and I end up finishing these WIPs, I'd really hate to have to go back to my hibernating items...like those socks...

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T. said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your pattern arrives!