06 August 2008

Amazing Birthday Success

I spent a relaxing and thrilling weekend at the beach with 10 of my closest friends. We were missing a couple essentials, but when you're sticking more than 10 women anywhere, someone's bound to get voted off the island. (Kidding Erin and Jen!! We missed you!!)

The weekend included beach and pool time, redheads, jellyfish, sandbars, dolphins, a shark that washed up on shore and realizing that I'm a really weak swimmer. Aside from missing our Cambodia [sic] friends, I was also seriously missing a floating lounge chair for the pool. Here's me pretending:

We ate like total gluttons - our menu included, but was not limited to: Antipasta Salad, Carrot & Coriander Soup, Cilantro Quinoa & Baked Tofu, 2 ridiculously good Fritattas, bacon and veggie bacon, Apple Cheddar Melts, a very spicy Gazpacho, Potato Salad, Falafel and Tzatziki Dip, Caramel Brownies, Toffee Bread Pudding (twice), Tiramisu, beer, wine, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Martinis.

What more could a woman ask for over her birthday weekend? I got to eat like a queen, spend time with my bestest of friends, celebrate 3 of my friends' birthdays, and work on my self-portrait skillz.

It was hard to return to the office after 4 days of beach/sound/pool/friend bliss - and all I have to show is a bee sting that I got this afternoon walking back from lunch.

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T. said...

Happy belated birthday - the food sounds amazing!