21 August 2008

i guess i'll keep him around

i look this good all the time.Last weekend, the redhead, Misha, Francesca and I went up to NYC to play. We had a great time celebrating Misha's birthday by tooling around Central Park, visiting the Frick and the Whitney and trying out a really awesome vegan restaurant. We even managed to drag our rugby friend-turned grad student, Joan, into the mix for some Saturday night breakfast festivities. We were lucky with our weather, and we were lucky with the food we managed to find. After such a great, relaxing (and fattening) time, it was really hard to head back to the office and feel focused and motivated. I keep thinking about what my next steps in life will be. I'm always wondering what I should be when I grow up. Perhaps I can figure my life out while wishing that I was either on vacation or rich and famous.

1 comment:

eje said...

you should be a baby bootie knitter when you grow up. seriously, those are some crazy cute little foot covers.

also, I met luther's long lost brother up here in MA. same crazy lanky body. same monstrous gleam in the eye.